Dear Annie

How are you? I guess you are still scared of me. I can understand. I relate to that. I will be scared to death if someone pulls that to me. It hurts. It really cuts deep. I saw the new curtains and also the new speakers beside your bed. You listen to music and I […]


Today when I was going through my Instagram posts, I saw a post that tells a little girl that is out from the surgery and the mother is requesting prayers. When I wanted to comment, I read there are many people that commented “sending prayers to you” or “keeping you in prayer”. 
This led me […]

Going back to church again.

If you read the heading you not the word “again”. This is because I have not gone to church and when I face a problem I go back to church. It is like I run away from home, deserted everything, be a rebel, not communicate anyone and then when I hit a wall, I come […]

Ironman End Game

I just finished the movie Avenger End Game. This is indeed the movie of the year or can I say the movie of the century. I will not spoil anymore for those who have not seen it, however I want to share about how I feel towards this movie. If you have not seen the […]