My inner child

On on my first session of therapy, my therapist tells me that my inner child is wounded. My inner child is what my childhood experiences that forms inside me. It affects our actions, our emotions as well as our thinking. Subconsciously, the well being of ones inner child is important and crucial to an individual. […]

Quitting Sugar

I quit sugar a few years back when I heeded my brothers advice that quitting sugar is good for your health. To start of with, I totally excuse sugar from my daily intake of coffee. The first day I remembered drinking my usual cup of coffee horribly putrid. It was disgusting and my brain automatically […]

Dear Annie

It’s good to hear from you. Even though is just a question. I feel you care for me. I have to sleep because I need to rest. Good night, sweet Angel. I love you. Even when I am broken, I still love you. #dearannie

Dear Dad

Hi Dad, how are you? A few days ago, it was your birthday. I remember it. It wasn’t a day of special just a day of norm and knowing its your birthday. Mum is ok. Sister is ok. Brother I am not sure. I am going to work once I have news for my assignment. […]

Dear Annie

Today when I brought my mum to village grocer and she asked me to choose a vegetable. Do you know what I chose? I chose Japanese Choy Sum, your favorite. You taught me how to choose this from the non Japanese Choy sum and you taught me to love eating this vegetable.