Cultural Ethics

Recently I attended a small singer song writer concert that is held at a bar. The reason why I go to this concert is because my wife happens to like the singer very much. Due to the fact that this singer is an up and coming singer and participated the Voice Malaysia, and has a […]

Unifi Turboed – Misleading?

One of the greatest thing that happen to us ever since the new Government took over regin is that the broadband services of the country will be improved. This is credit to MP Gobind Singh for making that effort and understanding that one of the things that can essential for a country to move forward […]


How do I begin this? Leadership is a lifelong learning process. I have the privilege of working with different people in a given period of 5 months to 6 months. Every human has a different character and different personality. You can probably categorize the characters into a handful however the fact is each and everyone […]

My new Fuji Lens 35mm F2

I have been shooting fuji XT-1 with the 18-55mm lens or what they called the stock lens. It has been awesome that I have never felt he need to buy another lens. It has served my purpose well as I need to travel light and it has always been on my camera ever since. However […]

Absence for almost a year

I think it has been quite some time I have written something. It is as though it is painful to write something and read it back and edit. Thoughts, when organized, is painstakingly tiring and a sense of ridicule began to grow. Anyway, I realized that I have to start writing and learn to grow […]