Why bicycles is not popular in Malaysia? It is because the roads is not safe. It is actually a culture that needs to be cultivated to be caring to other people on the road.

It’s very natural to understand. When you are bigger than something else you look after the smaller than you are. However in Malaysia we tend to “run over” the smaller things and people go unpunished.

Another thing I realized is European law prohibits an individual than working more than he should. During our travel to Europe, I realized that the driver is required to power down for 10 hours and have equal sleep. They have a machine that a certain enforcer will come up to the bus to check how long the bus has been running. If it is more than the hours that it is meant to the penalty is Euro 3000.

We also saw that many people commute using the bicycle. These people might be executives, management people or even CEO, they travel and commute using bicycles. Furthermore if you don’t own a bicycle you can rent a bicycle, all you got to do is insert money at certain bicycle stands by the road side and you use them and then return by the end of the day. Isn’t that awesome?


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