Jln Imbi Market

It has been quite some time since I last visited this place. Reason being: I lived in PJ and this place is in KL. Furthermore with the traffic jam in KL getting this place according to Waze, it takes around half and hour to 45 minutes to reach from my home. One thing, I come back is because of theĀ hainanese coffee and toast bun. If you do come during pre chinese new year, they do have pretty rare chinese new treats that you dont normally find in supermarkets. Mind you, this market is not cater for the medium class. Most of the old middle class or higher class mummies and grandmummies, come to this place to shop for Groceries. Same goes for the Hainanese coffee shop which many business people come for a cup for breakfast before heading to their offices by their drivers.

A wanton mee will costs you RM6 and a toast bread around RM2. Its considered expensive but to drive over and wait for parking, money is no longer considered but the ambience and the old taste of history in your mouth. You got to try it to understand…

By the way, when I was taking photos, they are friendly and some of them smile but they seems to get use to people coming to take photographs. So if you are reading this and you want to go for a photowalk. Check this place…


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