Men in the Kitchen

Have you ever ask yourself (men) why does the female (mum, girlfriends, wives, daughters) think we are incapable when it comes to cooking. It is like we will spoil entirely the image of the kitchen having a male cook up a meal. Is that considered equality? My wife does not trust me with the kitchen. Whenever she is away and we are on the phone, the moment she hears the utensils hitting each other or the drawers being drawn, or even water from the kitchen sink, she will ask “what are you cooking?” I will be genuinely guilty as if I have done something big and bad like adultery. Well, honey, I am hungry and you are not here and the food I cook is disliked by you, so give me a break ok?

One thing to point out is a lot of my favourite chefs are men. Of course there a woman as well and I am not discriminating woman, but any gender in the kitchen is alright with me as long the food is ok.


Any thoughts or any past experiences like the above. Please share with me the anguish. Perhaps we should do a parade and get some attention on this.


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