A kiss on the cheek in Malaysia

So I travelled to Paris, and love the place and everyone is ooh and aahing about that place. It seems that some of us will wonder out loud, “how nice it is if we were to stay in Paris?” The place is beautiful, clean and the people which some say is rude but I think they are passionate. I mean Europe people they love to greet everyone with a kiss on the cheek. I mean, there was one time, we were sitting on a table and a couple will arrive to meet the other couple. The woman will kiss the other couple male and so will the male kissing the other couple female. When I saw this view, I literally think to myself, what if this thing happen in Malaysia?

I dont think so.

This morning, I tried to kiss my wife when she is about to leave. When I move in and try to assault her cheeks, she shrieked and asked me “what the hell are you doing?” I stammered and answer my intention. “NO…you ruined my makeup!” So the question is “do European woman redo their makeup after every greeting?”

Now imagine, we are double dating with another couple. Schedule to meet at a nice restaurant. We reached and I try to pull a French greeting. Do you think I will get a slap? Probably not. I will most probably get 2 slaps. One from her the one I am trying to peck on the cheek and my wife. I most probably have to embrace the sofa bed that night. Not only that, my friend (male) will most probably have some words with me.

So the question is how did a kiss on the cheek in Paris becomes an iconic greeting?kiss-on-the-cheek_karl-largerfeldKarl Lagerfield kissing a Chinese woman. Imagining this is done in Malaysia and by a Chinese man.


4 thoughts on “A kiss on the cheek in Malaysia

  1. Your post made me laugh so hard! We have a similar problem here in India. Richard Gere almost got jailed for an innocent peck on the cheek. I really loved Paris too, not just for the style of greeting. 😉

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