Candor with your friend might be a bad idea

I have a discussion with a friend of mine a few days ago. It started with a discussion about a mutual friend of ours. He did something wrong and I feel (it’s my feeling) that no one in our circle of friends decided to tell him the truth. Let’s just say none of the friends within him told him the real truth and it is because they worry that he can’t handle the truth and he will go depress. Furthermore everything he said seems to be blaming it on other person and he don’t find an effort to see the real age he has done. 

I am not noble and I am not a Robin Hood to help anyone or everyone. However I do think that we ought to be open and we should tell this friend that he indeed is making a mistake. 

The question here lies is whether we should be nosy and poke into other people’s business. Maybe we can’t change his perspective towards this after saying it and might even deteriorate the friendship. Should we be candor and open and let him know how we feel? 

During our arguments and debates whether we should tell this friend, a word popped out. 好心没有好报 in English it is translated as Being nice isn’t always appreciated. I think to myself “but we are friends? Shouldn’t we share what we think rather than keeping it in our hearts and pretending nothing happened?” Will an individual destroy a friendship just because another friend is sharing a really harsh truth to that individual? 

Do I really need friends who hid the truth about me and even though it will hit me like a moving train decided to hid it and allow me to continue making mistakes? Maybe my friend is right, I don’t have much friends, I share what I think is right and maybe if I just act like nothing happened I will most probably have more friends. 

What do you think? Drop me some comments


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