i really need to slim at least to 75kg as 81kg is considered obese. So yesterday I started to refrain myself from eating rice or carbohydrates. Rice is such a big part of the Chinese culture and not eating it seems to be “weird”. For 3 decades, my body has dependent on rice intake that not taking it is like being addicted to coccaine.

Your mind just keeps telling you “Give In!” Your body starts to warm up and you feel hyper excited for dinner. Your mind can’t think except food and rice.

When dinner is served, your taste buds began to explode when you start to bite into the chicken stew. The explosion of flavors and your feel the taste buds registering all the indgredients. You continue to eat and eat and realized you are able to eat more that the usual portion. The vegetable soups calms your mind with its warm liquid pouring down your stomache. However with no rice registering, you didn’t feel full after you completed your portion and you gulps down another 2 bananas and a cup of tea. 

1st day! 


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