Journaling and my newfound love, Midori Traveller Notebook

Ever since, I saw my brother writing endlessly every evening when I went and visit him, I am fascinated about journaling. It is fascinated to see how much he can write every day and I think he will write whenever he has a table and a chair. Not only he writes, he actually read what he writes and he will go through pages after pages and then stopped to ponder for a while, then resume writing. This bit of action sometimes makes me to snatch his notebook and have a peek inside. My brother doesnt speak much and I thought that I will probably know him better if I get a glimpse of what he has written.

So I began to write 7 years ago, mainly logging my daily tasks and what I have done. Boring stuff. Recording important contacts, references and important things to do. Primarily the reason I do it is probably I looks cool sitting on a star bucks cafe, sipping on a latte with a pen and a moleskine. I will begin to write but later end up picking up the phone and checking out my facebook and twitter updates. However, I have spend close to 7 moleskine books and looking back, the first 3 is all about rubbish.

I started journaling serious last year when I think I hit rock bottom in my life. Ocasionally,  I question myself in the form of writing and sometimes I could continue anymore and I got depress and sad all the time.

The beginning of this year, I started writing only the positive thoughts and things that I wanted to achieve and going to happen. I will leave all the negative thoughts and not write about it at all. Reason being is, I think our brains love telling us the negative things that is going to happen or the failures that has happened to us. The brain or should I say my brain constantly think about the negative thoughts. To put an end to this, writing happy things begins to switch my mind around and by writing it will allow me to meditate the good things as well. So my resolution for this year is to refrain myself from any negative people and started journaling all the happy things and positive thoughts. I realised I love to write and I spend hours writing instead of watching TV. I also began to feel more happy and relax and I cant wait to get back to writing whenever I can.

I think the saying is true “the problems is only a problem if you see it as a problem”.

A week ago, I was still writing on my moleskine and one day, I stumble upon a facebook post about the Midori Traveller Notebook. The next couple of days was spend on reading and checking out youtube videos of people showing me the wonders of Midori Traveller Notebook. The pages shown is pretty, artistic and beautiful. I chucked my moleskine aside and ordered my first Midori Traveller Notebook which arrived 1 day later. The moment I received it, the papers do not bleed as much as Moleskine does and I am overjoyed that I am able to use a fountain pen for my writing.

Even though you are reading this blog, I actually pen down before typing it into my blog. I think writing or journaling has balanced my sane mind and I will continue to write as long as I can. My Midori might not be pretty or artsy as most users I have seen but I think is quite enough for me to write.


6 thoughts on “Journaling and my newfound love, Midori Traveller Notebook

  1. Wonderful entry. I totally agree with your approach to the mind. We can train it to accept the positive as much as the negative, which for some, comes more naturally. I love my midori for writing and there is very little to no decorating to be seen. They are just as beautiful.

  2. Focusing on the positive things that happen to us is always the best thing to do, but sometimes it’s hard to actually put it into words (or at least for me). I’ve actually heard several people on YouTube say that they go to their planners/TNs solely to vent/rant and thinking back, memorizing negative things only leads to more negativity as you’ve mentioned yourself. It’s a really good approach you have there. I’ve been wondering for months what to use my Midori for and I wanted to make a Gratitude Journal out of it because I don’t travel much and I can’t use it for the purpose of “traveling”. This was a nice reminder that even if we are not ‘artsy’ people and we don’t decorate as prettily as we see on YT we can still enjoy using the Traveler’s Notebook 🙂

    1. Denny, I realized that when you write down good things your mind register the good things, so if you write all the negative things, your mind registers them as well. I would rather “starve” the negative thoughts and “feed” the positive thoughts.

  3. Love the positive vibe of this. I started writing when very little. There was a tiny notebook where I’d scribble whatever I’d done during the day. At age 7, it was mostly what I ate or the games I played. But for the longest time, I’d use writing to channel out negative, or at best, neutral emotions. The words would pour out and then be forgotten.
    I really like that you’re writing about only the good things. Like you said, it’s a sort of positive reinforcement that makes you realize how blessed your life is. 🙂 I’d also never heard of a Midori before this, so thank you. Need to get myself one now!

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