Does happiness equal more money? Does it mean fulfilling your material possessions and your “wants”? It uses to be yes for me but now I will beg to differ. 

 I assume happiness is something that your brain releases chemicals to make your feel good. Every good thing is a result of a bad thing overturned or being able to defeat a problem or an obstacle. So my happiness is for me to be able to defeat a failure, a negative thought, something that I have never attempted and conquering a feat. As a result, I dont think it comes easy. Even understanding your limitation is not a happy one but expanding your limitation might be a happy one.

The truth is before overcoming anything, you wont feel happy. You will most probably feel nervous, worried, uncertain and unhappy. It is after you have overcome and conquer then you will be able to achieve happiness.

Basically I think I love to overcome obstacles and getting out of my comfort zone. So I think I want to be happy and I chose happiness. I yearned for happiness and I run away from unhappy people and love to mingle with happy people. However, I also know that you might need to go through unhappy thoughts and may go through sadness and disappointment to be happy. You have to allow God to increase your threshold and you might have to work for it, sweat it out to achieve that.

It is not easy being a happy person. It might take some time, and you might be frustrated and impatient, but boy oh boy, when you overcome it, that feeling of joy and happiness will hit you like a raging bull. No words can describe it.

  Honestly I think she is happy.


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