First day VOS

Singapore ports which is the Marina Cruise Terminal is able to show how much Singapore government care for the industry of cruise lines. It is spacious and new with newly improved facilities to improve the standard of the cruise industry. Unfortunately no photos are allowed while we are going through the immigration however a huge difference can be seen compared to Malaysia. Even the ports in Fort Lauderdale is not as modern and newly improved.
The Voyager of the Seas is truly a big ship and from the guest area it is almost a floating mall and I have heard from others that the newer ships will seems you are in a floating city. As this cruise itinery is among the Asian routes, you won’t be able to see much of the Americans or the Caucasians and majority is Asians comprising Singaporeans, Thais, Vietnamese as well as Malaysians.
The next day the ship is to be docked at Penang the Swettenham pier and it is almost near to Chulia Street as well as the Lebuh Penang. Paris and Benson wanted to go out and so I decided to join them. AJ the bar tender wanted to tag along and I brought them to Chulia Street which has a small section of Penang street foods. The cuttlefish-kangkung as well as the Char Kuay Tiew should be something that they have not tried before. We found a table and I went to order.

They love it and I ordered some Lobak which has an assortments of all sorts on a plate.

Paris and AJ digging in the Ice Kacang.

Benson from China donning the Vietnamese traditional garb.
After the dinner we walked a little bit more and found a pub and ordered some drinks.
After drinks we walked back home and just got back in time before the ship sails away.


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