Hiroshima is the famous place where the first Atomic bomb is dropped. Looking back after all these years Hiroshima has evolved into a beautiful city with the beautiful traditional Japanese traditions hidden within.

The memorial Place of Hiroshima.

I don’t know what that means but this place is giving out a peaceful vibe and you could literally sleep here and don’t feel spooky at all.

Some of the statues and sculptures erected and everything is in Japanese.

Getting to anywhere is easy, just hop on to an electric tram and it will bring you anywhere with a convenient speed for you to look out the window.

The controls seems to be easy. I am so tempted to go in and try it out.

School kids studying while waiting for the tram to arrive.

This is what you will see when waiting for a tram. Peaceful and serenity.

The obsessive disorder of the Japanese extends to even parking their bicycles for commuting.

The underground shopping area where you could travel in peace if there is a massive heavy rain. The streets are clean and tidy.

The simple Udon soup which is amazing and if you eat it during a cold weather it will warm you right away.

Got to try out this bar the next time I come back again. This should be interesting.


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