Kochi Japan

This is a small town which is not known to many people however if you do come to this part of Japan check out Kochi.

The streets of Kochi.

The way that put the chairs and streets are amazing.

Everything is clear you just need to understand Japanese.

Even the dogs could drive a car here.

You can actually ride a bicycle here and park your bicycle outside the shops when you need to buy something.

A variety of shops is everywhere and be sure to check it out thoroughly as you might stumble something you have never seen before.

The bicycles are arranged in a way that only be known to the Japanese. I am thinking of getting a bicycle too.

Some of the sculptures that is displayed beside the streets and the lights is meant for you to take photos at night.

I should get a Kimono for my baby. It looks just sweet and amazing. By the way a kimono costs quite a lot but you can be assured of the quality.

Animation here is everywhere. Even the posters have a cute bear. God knows what this is advertising about.


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