The city of Pattaya

This is my first time coming to Pattaya and it is more or less the same as other cities just that Pattaya is near the beach and it is around 2 hours from Bangkok. I will still prefer Phuket for their white sandy beaches and also their clear waters.
Of course after visiting Bangkok for many times, in fact it is almost a ritual for my wife to go to Bangkok before Chinese New Year to buy her clothes we know where the street food is and what we want to eat. In Pattaya it is quite difficult to find local street food and it is mainly cater for the tourists.

The fruits stall is a must to visit and buy some fruits and they are all stacked up nicely in an inviting way.

One of the local delights I love is the pad Thai. It is a simple dish with some seafood or chicken thrown in. However it is the way they cook that makes it different. However I find this pad Thai a bit bland and the ones I found in Bangkok is quite yummy.

One of the biggest shopping mall in Pattaya is the Central Festival Shopping mall. This place is a hub and it has all the major brands that you can mention in here. There is also a cinema in this shopping mall as well and it is truly an experience. Do you know that before the movie begins the national anthem of the King will be sung and everyone will stand up to pay their respects? It is incredible the way the Thais respect their king.

Maybe one of these days I need to bring baby to come to Pattaya.


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