Find my iPhone

Just a few days ago, I received a phone call from my wife saying her sister has just lost her phone. She was on the way buying beakfast and she realised later that she doesnt have her phone with her. She then later call me to ask me about whether I have any ideas how to track the phone. I immediately went to Find my iPhone app and attempted to log in her iCloud account. This is where it is good to remember your iCloud account and the password.
After a few attempts I managed to log in and starting to track down the phone. Apparently, I was in another town and therefore I have to whatsapp them the map which is being constantly updated where it is being moved around. With this app, I also manage to lock the phone and also put my phone number for the person to contact. After numerous updates, the phone seems to settle down at somewhere near her home. I continue to send them photos of the map and with the help of my brother in law and his wife, they are now scouting the place for any suspicious person.
Apparently only a few person is hanging out the place and finally after a few friendly questions, we manage to ask a cleaner who happen to clean the area where my sister in law were buying breakfast. iPhone is restored and we are all happy that we manage to retrieve a lost phone.
For those who yet to turn this feature on, I will recommend to do it right now after reading this.


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