Burgers is considered one of the importance of American food. However growing up in a Chinese family and wedded a typical Chinese wife, request of eating a burger has always been unsuccessful. An epic brand of gourmet burgers appeared in Malaysian 2 years ago and it is called myBurgerLab. I have seen many people talking about it and the pictures of people queuing up for a burger has created many question marks mainly is it really that good?

So after my wife decided to give it a try and we know there is a pop up store at Bangsar so we decided to check out that place. The pop up store is at the same premise of the famous papa palheta coffee. Menu is simple and we ordered one beef and one chicken because my wife doesn’t take beef I am happily to oblige the beef. We waited around 10 minutes as everything is made to order.

The meat is excellent and juicy and the buns is soft and complements the protein very well. Everything is perfect and absolutely delicious. We munched our burgers in silence and enjoyed the exquisite food in our hands. Everything is clear as to why people lined up for these burgers.

The team behind the pop up store in Bangsar. Service is friendly and awesome. Will we come back for more? Absolutely!


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