Find my iPhone

Just a few days ago, I received a phone call from my wife saying her sister has just lost her phone. She was on the way buying beakfast and she realised later that she doesnt have her phone with her. She then later call me to ask me about whether I have any ideas how […]

Multi Tasking

Recently I realised that humas have evolved into multi tasking beings. We are constantly multi tasking whether we are eating, working, or even watching TV. We are constantly doing something else. We are either on the phone, reading a book or talking to someone else. I bet 15 to 20 years ago, we dont multi […]


Does happiness equal more money? Does it mean fulfilling your material possessions and your “wants”? It uses to be yes for me but now I will beg to differ.   I assume happiness is something that your brain releases chemicals to make your feel good. Every good thing is a result of a bad thing overturned […]


i really need to slim at least to 75kg as 81kg is considered obese. So yesterday I started to refrain myself from eating rice or carbohydrates. Rice is such a big part of the Chinese culture and not eating it seems to be “weird”. For 3 decades, my body has dependent on rice intake that […]

A kiss on the cheek in Malaysia

So I travelled to Paris, and love the place and everyone is ooh and aahing about that place. It seems that some of us will wonder out loud, “how nice it is if we were to stay in Paris?” The place is beautiful, clean and the people which some say is rude but I think […]