Multi Tasking

Recently I realised that humas have evolved into multi tasking beings. We are constantly multi tasking whether we are eating, working, or even watching TV. We are constantly doing something else. We are either on the phone, reading a book or talking to someone else. I bet 15 to 20 years ago, we dont multi […]


Hiroshima is the famous place where the first Atomic bomb is dropped. Looking back after all these years Hiroshima has evolved into a beautiful city with the beautiful traditional Japanese traditions hidden within. The memorial Place of Hiroshima. I don’t know what that means but this place is giving out a peaceful vibe and you […]

The city of Pattaya

This is my first time coming to Pattaya and it is more or less the same as other cities just that Pattaya is near the beach and it is around 2 hours from Bangkok. I will still prefer Phuket for their white sandy beaches and also their clear waters. Of course after visiting Bangkok for […]

Kochi Japan

This is a small town which is not known to many people however if you do come to this part of Japan check out Kochi. The streets of Kochi. The way that put the chairs and streets are amazing. Everything is clear you just need to understand Japanese. Even the dogs could drive a car […]

Man Ting

The little girl who use to cry whenever she sees me now takes selfie with me! In fact she even plays with me! This is one of the lovely photos that she has taken with me. Whee!!! She can even play with me no fear. I miss these 2 sisters.

First day VOS

Singapore ports which is the Marina Cruise Terminal is able to show how much Singapore government care for the industry of cruise lines. It is spacious and new with newly improved facilities to improve the standard of the cruise industry. Unfortunately no photos are allowed while we are going through the immigration however a huge […]